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Do powerful and epic things with Windows 10 IoT

A single platform for all your devices.

As a device designer and manufacturer, you are at the pinnacle of innovation. Today, organizations deploy a large number of device types—and managing across a system of varied device types, protocols, and platforms can be challenging and costly. Windows 10 IoT provides one management and deployment platform to span the entire spectrum of devices, from simple sensors to complex systems.



We realize that the evolution of cyber threats requires new and ongoing innovations in security. Your customers’ organizational data, their customers’ data, and the devices themselves need to be kept secure and protected. Windows 10 IoT devices and components offer enterprise-grade security, including advanced lockdown capabilities and protection from the next generation of threats. Add the power of Azure IoT to enable setup of individual identities and credentials for each of your connected devices to retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages.



Windows 10 IoT lets you build and deploy apps using the same tools and code for any Windows-based PC, phone, or other industry device. This means you write the app once and it adapts to the UI of the device, so you have one thing to write, one thing to support, and can get more done. Windows 10 IoT provides streamlined online and offline activation options that allow you to enable new device scenarios. Combine this with preconfigured Azure IoT solutions to help accelerate your IoT deployments and get a jump on your competition.



The Internet of Things is creating a world of opportunity for device manufacturers. Windows 10 IoT lets you build a new class of devices that work well with your existing investments and your customers. Windows 10 IoT is scalable across a variety of devices and systems. It was designed to run on low-cost hardware that can be deployed, connected, and managed alongside other devices, without requiring device manufacturers or customers to alter their IT investment mix. Adding Azure IoT will provide new opportunities for OEMs to offer devices as a service—fully self-service with pay-as-you-go billing providing operational efficiency for businesses and enabling faster time-to-value across industries.



Windows 10 IoT is engineered for reliability, performance, and continuous innovation. Existing and new peripherals can enable new device scenarios that provide insight and ignite opportunity. With Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise, and Windows 10 IoT Core you can build embedded solutions for any business need. Windows 10 IoT reduces device-building complexity so you can deliver more immersive, more natural, and more connected user experiences that enable completely new business scenarios.

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